Friday, June 30, 2006

Radio-controlled sailing model | Hull construction and Materials

High-quality reinforced plastics such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, and other fiberglass like materials are excellent. Non-reinforced plastic kits may be hard to repair and be more prone to damage. The hull should have an exterior coating of gel-coat resin, and the glass weight should be specified. The glass should be saturated with resin, but a heavy dripping coating over the glass inside the model may indicate a hull which will be fragile when bumped, and the excess resin may make the hull excessively heavy.Deck. Many of the top rated model kits are supplied with a hull to which you attach the deck. This important joining of hull to deck may be difficult for the inexperienced model builder. Attaching a deck can change the shape of a model hull, so it will be recognized that a model with a factory-installed deck will probably have a closer fit to class specifications than one built up in the field.